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Subsea Cables

Subsea Cables

MarineSpace has extensive experience providing consultancy support on all aspects of planning, assessment and monitoring of electrical subsea cables.

Our services include:

  • Input to broad route selection studies
  • Review of environmental and technical constraints
  • Input to final route selection studies
  • Development of Cable Installation Plans
  • Offshore environmental audit of cable installation works
  • Design of pre-construction geophysical and environmental surveys
  • Design of post-construction geophysical and environmental surveys
  • Consent applications for cable / scour protection for inter-array cable ends
  • Development of Marine Licence application and supporting environmental assessment of cable / scour protection for OWF export cable and OSS
  • Review of options for cable protection
  • General consultancy advice on post-construction cable surveys and potential cable protec-tion options
  • Management of consents relevant to cable installation, repair, and protection works

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