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East Channel Regional Development Manager

Client: East Channel Association

Summary of work completed

From 2006 to present, MarineSpace has been providing development management services to the East Channel Association in support of marine aggregate licensing, monitoring and dredging operations in the Eastern English Channel. The development is one of the largest of its type in Europe with a total permitted extraction of 100 million tonnes per annum. MarineSpace has been responsible for assisting the client group in discharging their collective responsibilities related to monitoring, mitigation and reporting since dredging began in 2006.

During the project, MarineSpace has coordinated a range of environmental and dredge monitoring studies including acoustic and benthic seabed surveys, a plume study and a sediment tracer study. By working closely with the sub‐contractors for the various works, the client group and the regulators, MarineSpace has facilitated delivery of one of the most involved programmes of environmental monitoring undertaken in the UK.
Additionally, MarineSpace co‐authored and coordinated delivery of the First Substantive Review of Monitoring which drew on the findings of the
diverse range of studies completed. The Substantive Review was then subsequently used to underpin revisions in the monitoring programme and variations in Marine Licence conditions.

The work completed to date as part of the Regional Development Manager contract gives MarineSpace a unique insight into the application of practical and pragmatic marine monitoring methodologies, and also an excellent understanding of the deployment of adaptive environmental and operational management strategies for marine developments. The work has also shown MarineSpace’s ability to apply the findings of marine monitoring programmes to deliver significant financial savings to clients.

Finally, MarineSpace staff have been instrumental in disseminating much of the learning gained during the development through annual stakeholder meetings, technical reporting, liaison with fishing and regulatory bodies and circulation of project updates through web‐based media. This information has resulted in an industry‐wide development in understanding of dredging impacts and their significance to the point that monitoring and
management programmes in other regions around the UK are now begin developed in light of the findings of work in the ECR.


  • Project management
  • Annual technical reporting
  • Data management and dissemination
  • 5 Year Substantive Review of Monitoring and Dredging Management
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Fisheries liaison
  • Negotiation

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