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Area 106/400 Environmental Statement

Client: Hanson Aggregates Marine Ltd

Summary of work completed

MarineSpace was contracted by Hanson Aggregates Marine Ltd to produce an Environmental Statement (ES) for Area 106 and 400. Area 106 an aggregate dredging area that has been dredged for over 40 years, whilst Area 400 is an undredged new area immediately adjacent to Area 106.

The ES utilised the results of regional work completed by the marine aggregate industry collaboratively to provide much of the baseline description for the site. However, significant additional data both within the public domain, as well as within studies specified, managed and delivered as part of the ES development, were incorporated into the ES. The documents were typically technical in nature and therefore required summarising within the ES using accessible, non‐technical language that presented the results and findings of the studies.

The project envelopes were set following detailed discussion with the client and incorporated into the document. This included the results of available monitoring data, and the application of the measured effects to Area 400 to predict realistic potential impacts.

The Environmental Impact Assessment itself utilised a tried and tested methodology. This utilised GIS where possible, to overlay effect envelopes and recorded sensitive receptors to visually demonstrate the potential effects that could arise from the development. The methodology also provided mitigation or management measures deemed appropriate to avoid, minimise or mitigate the potential impacts identified. The management, mitigation
and monitoring requirements were written into a draft schedule of conditions which was also included within the ES.

Following submission of the ES, MarineSpace arranged for the document to be placed in public libraries and for the adverts to be placed in local papers as required by the Regulator. Comments were then supplied by the Regulator, and these were addressed through the submission of an addenda document. Following consultation on this final document, a Marine Licence for Area 106 and 400 was awarded and subsequently, dredging under the new licence has begun.


  • Environmental impact assessment and Environmental Statement (ES)
  • Project management of supporting technical studies
  • Consultation and stakeholder engagement
  • Production of ES technical addenda
  • Production of draft licence conditions

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